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Fliss Morey

Fliss Morey

I have lived in Waikawa for nearly five years now and have a great affection for the area, the lifestyle and the opportunities available. My career background has taken me down to Christchurch to work, where I have had the opportunity to contribute to the recovery and rebuild of the city.


Professionally, I have worked with property - from one angle or another - throughout most of my career, from planning where new development should take place, through to delivering both residential and commercial developments on the ground. I have worked on a number of large scale commercial developments, understanding land values and commercial economics and have also helped to deliver large scale residential developments and affordable housing for the private and social rented sector.

Privately, I have both owned and rented out property, carried out major renovation work and actively participated in the sale and marketing of my properties. I have experience in the rental market and renting property in both Picton and Christchurch and have a practical, hands on approach to owner/tenant relationships.


I welcome this new opportunity and  look forward to working with you in the management of your property.

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Fliss Morey

Property Manager

36 High St